Voldoor is a moderately sized town whose members banded together in an attempt to capture Vash The Stampede. Unsuccessful at that, they called in the Nebraska Family to capture him. In the skirmish that followed, at least two buildings were destroyed before the Nebraska Family was defeated. Vash donated the bounty to the city, who used it to repair their failing plants and likely other infrastructure. According to a manga quote, Voldoor could also be the name of the country.

The primary mass transit to Voldoor is by sandsteamer.

There is also a place called Lob's Diner ten iles east of Voldoor, in which we first meet Milly and Meryl.

Citizens of Voldoor Edit

  • Mary
  • Rose
  • Tonis
  • Vonnegut

Anime Edit

In the anime, the city is referred to as Inepril, likely as a play on April.