Vash the Stampede
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Vasshu Za Sutanpīdo
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July 1, 1998
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April 21, 2003
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This page is for the Trigun episode. For the character, see Vash the Stampede Vash the Stampede (ヴァッシュ・ザ・スタンピード, Vasshu Za Sutanpīdo) is the thirteenth episode of the Trigun anime. This episode is a recap of the first twelve episodes.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Continuing from the last episode, Vash demands information from Monev about his boss. Monev, however, has no such information as the person that he thought was his boss turned out to merely be an agent. Vash then walks away from Monev who comments that he's too trusting to turn his back on him as he would shoot him. However, Vash states that he's not so trusting as he didn't keep his finger off his machine gun the entire time. Meryl then asks Vash, "What now?" but Vash gives no answer.

Afterward, the entire town nearly incomplete rubbles, Meryl writes her report to her insurance agency about Vash's clash with Monev. And her reflections on her time with Vash. As per her assignment 4 months ago, both Meryl and Milly are assigned by their superior to find and follow Vash, who's responsible for G level property damage. Their assignment started when they ask the diner owner Lob for information on Vash. The information turned out to be misinformation as they're led to a bounty hunter named Descartes. Milly comments on how Meryl's report differs from what actually occurred and Meryl argues it's for the sake of their promotions. Continuing her report, Meryl notes that Vash's personality doesn't live up to his repute. A couple of scenes involving Frank Marlon and Cliff Schezar along with Marianne is shown. It's noted that recalling a bit between Meryl and Vash that occurred in Cliff's mansion gives Meryl chest pains. Milly notes that Vash is funny and notes that she believed Vash's identity from the start. From Meryl's perspective, Vash's weird attitude was a game he played to divert them from his true personality. This is corroborated by how Vash handled many a perilous situation, which irritates Meryl how haphazardly he solved them. Still, Meryl admits that Vash solved these problems without the use of his gun. A flashback from when Vash was hunted by a bunch of townspeople to help solve their financial difficulties. After Milly gives a long yawn, she asks Meryl as to whom Vash was inquiring Monev about, but she continues her report.

She details the time when Vash finally used his gun against two of the Nebraska Family members to save the people that once tried to hunt him. This confrontation finally proved to Meryl that the man they had the misfortune of running into constantly really was Vash the Stampede. As Meryl continues writing the report, Vash's voice chanting "Love & Peace" is heard. Meryl has an ourburst, which amuses Milly. Afterward, Meryl has a cup of coffee as Milly sleeps and notes that Vash is someone who senses something hidden deep within him. Furthermore, everyone who has come in contact with him has somehow regained a lost emotion of theirs. But Vash's encounter with Monev leaves her feeling perplexed as he acted so out of character. Voices from outside could be heard about Vash being there and noise from his room is heard so Meryl and Milly check up on Vash. There, Vash is nearly nude revealing the scars all around his body as well as his prosthetic left arm. After a brief scene, Meryl inquires Vash about he can go living when peoples' views on him are so strident. Vash, however, claims that he can't back down not until he buries his past.

The next day, Vash leaves the town with Meryl and Milly in tow.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Manga/Anime Differences[edit | edit source]

  • At this point in the manga Vash had lost his prosthetic left arm during the battle with Monev so when he exits the shower the girls see the mechanical attachments in his arm.
  • When Vash and the girls leave town Vash confronts Legato who has killed Monev and has a brief scuffle with E.G. Mine who is also killed by Legato, after this Vash takes a stance against Legato claiming that he will be the hunter and Legato the hunted.
  • This and the fight with Monev take place right before Vash and the girls meet Nicholas D. Wolfwood in the manga, whereas at this point in the anime the four have already met each other.
  • The reflection on Vash as a person by Meryl is anime only as the only scene the two mediums share in similarity is when the girls discover Vash's intense bodily scars.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the flashback sequence of Vash's fight with the Nebraska family, gunshot sounds are added when Vash fires his revolver unlike the episode in question where it was pure silence until Vash's final bullet being fired.
  • The only recap episode in the entire series, possibly due to how in the original manga the only thing that happens after the Monev fight is the girls discovering Vash's scars and a brief encounter with Legato before leaving town.

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