Under the Sky So Blue
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Konna ni mo Aoi Sora no Shita de
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Original Air Date
September 30, 1998
English Air Date
May 13, 2003
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Under the Sky So Blue (こんなにも青い空の下で, Konna ni mo Aoi Sora no Shita de) is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the Trigun anime.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Walking alone through the torrid land of Gunsmoke, carrying Wolfwood's cross on his back. Vash heads to the lush green geo-land where his brother Knives awaits his arrival.

130 years in the past, a young Vash and Knives are at the site where their escape pod crashed as the Project SEEDS ships crash land on the planet. Vash accuses Knives of being responsible for not only killing Rem, but also the rest of the crew. In a demented and gleeful way, Knives admits the deed and confesses how pleasurable it was. Fast forward to a later date, Vash and Knives walk through the land and talk about the planet's environment. Knives claims that the humans will survive by leeching off the life-force of their Plant brethren. Vash rebukes this claim as he believes it's the sole reason why Knives finds a sick and twisted justification for killing humans. Again, Knives admits that it is as in his own words, "He must sacrifice the spider in order to save the butterfly." Later that night Vash tries to kill Knives by bashing his head in with a rock, but a memory of Rem stops him and he laments his weakness. The following morning, he continues his journey with Knives.

A few months pass by and the two boys find a Seeds ship where a colonization of humans has water rationed out to them. They witness a single human act out of desperation to cut ahead of the line and drink all of the water for himself. This scene reinforces the ugly, gaudy, and impertinent nature of humans. It's then that Knives tries to overload one of the nearby plants, but Vash stops him.

Jumping 10 years into the future, Vash and Knives now grown adults find a special Seeds ship where Knives apparently left something in. A year passes by and Knives reunites with Vash and outside of the ship he showcases the power of his Angel Arm at 13% output. Showing Vash their siblings to Vash, Knives then tries to use one of them to destroy a human civilization, but Vash stops him. In a confrontation, between the two, Vash shoots Knives in the right leg, takes his gun, and flees as Knives calls out to him.

Years fly by after Vash's confrontation with Knives and Vash meets many people and experiences as many adventures. After doing some research on Rem, Vash finds a man that is related to Rem is still alive and is located in July. When Vash goes there to meet Rem's relative, Knives is already there sitting by the relative's dead body. What occurs after this is the later known as, "The July Incident". Recovering from the wounds that he received from Vash in the July Incident, Knives orders Legato to make Vash suffer. Legato vows to do so on the arm their enemy with some of the Gung-Ho-Guns behind him. Flashbacks of the encounters with Vash and the Gung-Ho-Guns are seen leading back to the present day with Vash and Knives. The two briefly talk about Vash's time with the humans and then the fight between them commences.

The fight that takes place lasts for a while as they both try and gain the upper hand on the other. Eventually, Knives manages to gain that hand and wound Vash. He then actives his Angel Arm and fires it destroying geo land plantation surrounding them in the process. To his astoundment, Vash cancels out the blast with an Angel Arm blast of his own. They then talk telepathically together and then fire off their Angel Arms again. Because of this, Vash becomes flaccid and unable to continue the fight. Knives takes advantage of this by reloading his weapon and fires a few rounds at Vash incapacitating him. Taking Vash's gun, Knives activates both guns Angel Arm power and aims them at Vash. Out of nowhere, Wolfwood's voice advises Vash to use his Cross Gun that's beside him. Vash then uncovers the Cross Gun hidden beneath the ground and fires it off at Knives making him drop Vash's gun. Taking back his gun, Vash fires it and the bullet passes through Knives' heart. Disconcerted, Knives fires back, but only manages to graze Vash's cheek and Vash reloads his weapon, firing back at Knives incapacitating him. Standing before his wounded brother, Vash aims his gun at Knives and claims that he will survive.

Back at the town where Meryl and Milly are at, the well that Milly was working on strikes water. Meanwhile, Vash stands before his brother now bandaged up, tosses aside his coat and gun, then claiming to Rem that he'll be guided by his own words. With Knives on his shoulder, Vash heads back to the town where Meryl and Milly welcome him back.

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