Trigun Badlands Rumble O.S.T. (「劇場版 TRIGUN -Badlands Rumble-」O.S.T.) is the soundtrack for the Trigun: Badlands Rumble movie.

It is available to stream on most streaming services.

Track List[edit | edit source]

  1. 風が止んだ時 (When the Wind Stops)
  2. Badlands rendez-vous
  3. don't take the Last Donut
  4. blank
  5. 大悪党 (Great Villain)
  6. sandsteam
  7. she is not sweet
  8. the Stampede
  9. トマクン (Thoma-kun)
  10. we are in a jam
  11. an unsafe stamp maniac
  12. a gentle Death
  13. empty smile
  14. time to say goodbye
  15. a grain of sand in sandwich
  16. DICE for life
  17. good men or bad?
  18. meet me in Macca city
  19. in the early morning light
  20. snatch!snatch!snatch!
  21. you've blown it over the sands
  22. リトルアメリア (Little Amelia)
  23. 悪運 (Bad Luck)
  24. an old public house
  25. ラッキー★セブン (Lucky★Seven)
  26. get even
  27. parttime SP
  28. the grandstand player
  29. termination
  30. that was then
  31. white lies
  32. lovely calamities
  33. H.T. in "Badlands Rumble"

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