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Steve is one of the active crew members on the Project SEEDS ship that Vash and Knives lived on. He had a strong dislike and fear for Vash and Knives because they were not human, and could do his job much faster than he could ever hope to do, and was verbally and physically abusive to them.

In the anime, Steve is portrayed as a lecher, occasionally groping one of his shipmates, Mary. He was also an alcoholic, something that was ultimately used against him. He was falsely accused of getting drunk and raping Mary by her and Rolan as a way to get rid of him, a plan secretly set up by Knives. As a result, Steve was put in cryogenic stasis without a trial and denied the chance to voice his defense to the claim; He was believed to be guilty due to his frequent drinking, inappropriately touching Mary, and his abusive treatment of Vash and Knives. However, the freezer unit was sabotaged by a mentally unstable Rolan, which caused Steve to die. The rest of his shipmates died shortly after him.

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