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September 16, 1998
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May 8, 2003
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Sin (罪, Tsumi) is the twenty-fourth episode of the Trigun anime. This episode doesn't cover any chapter of the manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Evergreen confronts Legato over having to kill his protege, but is stopped by him and then assumingly killed by Knives. Midvalley witnesses the entire scene as it plays out and is notably disconcerted by it all.

At a populated place called LR Town, Vash purchases a large bag of donuts. Although he enjoys the taste of one of the donuts, he gets super emotional and drops the bag on the ground. Meryl and Milly stayed behind in Tonim because Vash didn't want them to get involved with him any longer because of his brother Knives. He also explains his backstory to Meryl and how Knives is involved with his reputation. Although Vash said for them not to follow him, Milly and Meryl still decide to follow him not because it's their job, but they care for him.

Back to Vash and a couple of kids approach; when they talk to him they mention Wolfwood. Perplexed as to how the kids know of Wolfwood, they faint on the ground as does the entire townsfolk and all animals. Legato then appears before Vash and taunts him; furthermore Legato, discloses to Vash that he has his left arm that he lost from July. After disclosing he'll be waiting for Vash atop the hill that's nearby the town, the residents become conscious again. Cursing Legato for his casual attitude, Midvalley introduces himself to Vash and reveals Vash's true identity to the residents. Learning this, the residents flee in terror leaving not a soul in sight. The two then fight with Midvalley using his saxophone called Silvia. During the fight Legato manipulates a few of the residents to allow Midvalley to attack them, but Vash protects them each time. Meanwhile, Meryl and Milly head to LR Town and encounter one of the residents. Back to the fight and Vash, using his prosthetic arm gun, manages to destroy Midvalley's B-Flat. In retaliation to this, Midvalley kills himself by overloading his saxophone, leaving Vash devastated.

Eventually, Vash reaches the hilltop where Legato is waiting for him and fires off 4 rounds into him. Legato goes on a long monologue and tries to activate Vash's Angel Arm, but Vash manages to supress it. So, Legato not only manipulates a bunch of armed residents, but also holds Meryl and Milly hostage to force Vash to kill him. Goaded and pressured into doing so, Vash kills Legato.

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