Rai-Dei the Blade is the ninth Gung-Ho-Gun.


Rai-Dei is a samurai who seeks the knowledge learned only when facing death.

In the manga, he has a unique fighting style using wheeled sandals to move at phenomenal speeds, both to dodge gunfire and to get in-close to slash enemies with his sword. Though he introduces himself as the ninth member of the Gung-Ho-Guns, he is the fourth Gun to challenge Vash. He is sent to announce that Legato's killing game has begun anew shortly after Wolfwood brings Vash out of retirement two years after Fifth Moon. After Vash defeats him and spares him, Rai-Dei attempts to attack from behind by firing the blade of his sword, but is quickly killed by Wolfwood. This leads Vash and Wolfwood to have a near falling out.

In the anime, he carries a sword with a built in gun that can be fired from the hilt; however, rather than just using it as a firearm, he fires the gun, creating enough force in his swing to unleash a sonic blast. He expresses anger in the fact that Vash the Stampede is refusing to make his mark true and aim to kill, claiming he wants "a real battle". Legato intervenes by forcing Vash to use his Angel Arm, leading to the Fifth Moon incident. Rai-Dei survives, but Nicholas D. Wolfwood finds and kills him.

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