Out of Time
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August 26, 1998
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May 5, 2003
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Out of Time is the twenty-first episode of the Trigun anime. This episode doesn't cover any chapter from the manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Legato accompanied by Midvalley reports to Knives about how Vash will soon suffer.

Back on the Project SEEDS ship, Gray the Ninelives and Hoppered the Gauntlet massacres the residents on the ship. The doctor reports that there are two intruders on the ship and the residents who went to check it out are likely dead. So Wolfwood and Vash separate fighting Leonof's puppets on the way. In a dark hangar-like area, Vash encounters a bunch of Leonof's puppets. After running out of bullets with his Colt, he tries out his new prosthetic arm gun. He manages to take out all, but one of them, which is finished off by Brad.

Elsewhere, the doctor and the residents see that the intruders plan on destroying the ship's plants. This would cause the ship to crash land on the planet. As Wolfwood confronts and sequentially fights Gray, Vash and Brad take out the remaining puppets in their area. Just then the doctor informs the two that one of the demons plans on destroying the ship's plant. Since the 2nd plant is 6 floors down, Vash improvises a short cut down there, by creating several holes in the floor with his new prosthetic arm gun. In hindsight, Vash considered the idea... terrifying, he, however, still manages to make it to the plant. There he sees the corpses of his old friends and is then met by Hoppered. Switching back to Wolfwood, he deduces Gray's identity and the mute giant destroys the foundation below them causing them to fall to the 1st plant area. The battle between Vash and Hoppered continues and the Gung-Ho lectures Vash on the backstory of the word "contradiction". He then boasts the invincibility of his impervious shield and how futile Vash's efforts would be against it.

During Wolfwood's battle against Gray, he shoots a pipe that spews acid onto Gray causing his metallic skin to disintegrate. With his body exposed, Wolfwood fires off a rocket that destroys the upper half of Gray. Meanwhile, Brad makes it to Plant 2 and witnesses Hoppered fire at the plant causing it to fracture. Amused by Vash's plea to stop, Hoppered dive bombs toward Vash, whom leaps into the air. Using Leonof's wires, Vash activates a trap that utilizes a gun of his that fires off at Hoppered causing him to be incapacitated. Although a pair of legs, Gray whose brain was in his waist, moves forward toward the plant fires off a missile from his thigh. Wolfwood tries to stop him, but is out of ammo.

Down on the town, the typhoon finally dissipates, and Meryl and Milly see the Seed ship in the sky. As the ship's power starts to diminish, Brad and Vash try and fix the plant in area 1. However, in a suicidal act, Hoppered crashes into the plant, killing it and causes the ship to crash land onto Gunsmoke. As Wolfwood laments on his previous comments that he made to the residents of the ship, he finds Jessica bound and gagged, with her outfit and appearance having been assumed by one of Leonof's puppets.

While the forlorn residents of the ship bemoan having to now live on the planet, they direct their fury toward Vash who's supported by Brad. Astoundingly Brad defends Vash and then Jessica appears before them. It's when Wolfwood appears with the real Jessica that the fake one tries to kill Vash, but instead kills Brad who shields himself in front of Vash. Leonof perplexed as to why his plan failed, Wolfwood appears on the space lift and fires a rocket at Leonof killing him. Meryl and Milly arrive at the scene and witness Brad's last moments with Vash.

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