"This must be a nightmare. Those eyes... it's like looking into the eyes of the Diablo!"
— Monev the Gale

Monev the Gale is the first Gung-Ho-Gun to fight Vash the Stampede.


Millions Knives locked him in a cell to train his body for twenty years in order to gain the skill and power required to fight Vash. He wears a powered battle suit and carries two high-powered chain guns on his arms. These guns fire extremely fast due to the pressure chambers located on his back, and have tremendous stopping power, enough to tear through entire buildings. He also carries a wide variety of weapons in a big cloth rucksack, including an enormous minigun, powerful enough to punch through a bank vault.

Monev was the first Gung-ho Gun sent by Legato to attack Vash, leading to a destructive brawl throughout a city, leaving many dead and shooting off Vash's cybernetic arm. He is eventually defeated by Vash, who nearly breaks his oath to never kill out of rage for all the deaths caused by Monev. Vash regains himself and spares Monev, and Monev surrenders his coin and leaves. His murdered and crucified body is later displayed by the next Gung-ho Gun, E.G. Mine, when Mine challenges Vash.

His life is spared in the anime, but is then killed by E.G. Mine along with Dominique the Cyclops due to his failure.

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  • Monev's name is venom spelt backwards.
  • Monev's appearance is reminiscent of Venom (even moreso in the manga), of Spider-Man fame, especially in contrast to Vash's red. Nightow is known to be a Spider-man fan.
  • In the manga, Vash gouges Monev's right eye out with his revolver while threatening him at gunpoint. While the same scene happens in the anime, Monev's eye is left intact.

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