Leonof the Puppet-Master is a Gung-Ho-Gun, despite his seemingly meek appearance. He is the Fourth Gung-ho-Gun in the manga.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Leonof the Puppet-Master is an elderly man who controls a large number of puppets with an elaborate system of strings. He can manipulate them to appear as real people, and uses them to do horrible things to people close to Vash the Stampede.

In the manga. his real name was Emilio, and he knew Vash during his childhood. He was in love with a girl named Isabelle, who eventually died, and it is implied he became obsessed with his puppet-making to mend his broken spirit. Leonof along with Gray the Ninelives was sent to attack Vash's self-decided home city, where Leonof stealthily attacked Vash with puppets hidden throughout the city. Vash ultimately defeated him by activating the city's internal sprinklers. The added weight of the water on the many strings crushed Leonof's hand, disabling him. Vash then attempts to help the defeated Leonof remember his past as Emilio.

This eventually leads Leonof to go berserk and flee, where he rediscovers the body of Isabelle among the many puppet cases as they fall from the city, and Leonof jumps after it, seemingly heedless of his danger. Vash attempts to save him by grabbing the strings on Leonof's hand, but Leonof slashes Vash's arm, forcing Vash to drop him and let him fall down after the body.

The anime does not feature his background, and he is simply a puppet-controlling assassin. He created a puppet during Hang Fire in order to locate Vash the Stampede and was soon sent along with Gray the Ninelives and Hoppered the Gauntlet in the attack on Vash's home. He is killed by a rocket fired by Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

Voice Actors[edit | edit source]

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