Hoppered the Gauntlet is a member of the Gung-Ho-Guns.  He is the sixth Gung-Ho-Gun in the manga and the third in the anime.
Hoppered Face

Hoppered's Face.



Hoppered the Gauntlet is a man who wears a set of armor to cover his degenerated and vestigial legs, while using his large arms to move. The armor acts like a top and he uses a shield to propel himself at high speeds. He seeks to kill Vash the Stampede. The top that he uses to propel himself has also been seen to have the capability to fire bullets, as seen when he is attacking the Plant in Flying Ship.

Anime Biography Edit

The anime does not give much backstory to Gauntlet, instead it has him just wish to make Vash suffer. He is sent along with Gray the Ninelives and Leonof the Puppetmaster in the attack on Vash's home. After Vash seemingly defeats him, he kills himself by jumping into one of the city's energy cores, destroying it and himself.

Manga Biography Edit

Pre GHG Hoppered

Hoppered before joining the Gung-Ho Guns.

Prior to his joining the Gung-Ho-Guns, Hoppered was a cripple living in July, taking care of a mute and blind woman. The woman was killed in the destruction of July, leading Hoppered to seek revenge on Vash the Stampede, intending to go so far as to attempt to betray Knives's and Legato's orders that Vash the Stampede be tormented but not killed.

He appears to have had a friendship with Midvalley the Hornfreak. Midvalley agreed to help Hoppered kill Vash, as Midvalley hoped to use the battle as a way to escape from the Guns himself. During his final battle, he sees Vash's memory of July and has a revelation that he has made the wrong choice. Though Vash protects Hoppered from Legato's onslaught, he is mortally wounded by Zazie the Beast in the final confrontation. As he dies, Hoppered tells Vash that he has decided that letting Vash live on and suffer on Gunsmoke is a more fitting punishment than killing him outright, before dying with a smile after seeing an image of the woman smiling.

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