The Gung-Ho-Guns (ガンホーガンズ, Ganhōganzu) are a group of assassins assembled by Knives and led by Legato to cause great pain to Vash. Each one is human [with the exceptions of Gray the Ninelives, who in the anime, is a robot and Zazie the Beast, who in the manga, is a hive mind of insects], but has sacrificed their humanity in order to gain power. Each Gung-Ho-Gun has an assigned number, but not all numbers were revealed. Their objective was to participate in Legato's "killing game" as a means to torment Vash. He has them each carry half a coin and gives Vash a case to hold them, telling him that something "special" will come from it. The filled coin case functions as a device to block Legato's powers.

Members[edit | edit source]

The Gung-Ho-Guns in the anime

The following are the members of the Gung-Ho-Guns who appear throughout the franchise; both the manga and anime. The assigned number comes from a combination of self-reported numbers by the Guns and by the order that Vash tallies his collected twelve coins.

These members-only appear in the manga.

These are the Gung-Ho-Guns that only appear in the anime.

These members appear only in the yet to be released Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke video game.

The following are members of which were disqualified from the Gung-Ho-Guns in the manga, anime or otherwise.

The Gung-Ho-Guns
Monev the Gale Dominique the Cyclops E.G. Mine Rai-Dei the Blade Leonof the Puppet-Master
Gray the Ninelives Hoppered the Gauntlet Zazie the Beast Midvalley the Hornfreak Caine the Longshot
Chapel the Evergreen Elendira the Crimsonnail Nicholas D. Wolfwood (Impersonating Chapel, Former) Livio the Double Fang (Former) Razlo the Tri-Punisher of Death (Former)
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