Flying Ship
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Chapter 4
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August 19, 1998
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May 1, 2003
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Flying Ship is the twentieth episode of the Trigun anime. This episode covers Chapter 4 of the manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The typhoon Jaqueline hits the town of New Oregon Meryl and Milly are distraught as they can't find Vash anywhere.

A flashback showing a young Vash and Knives after their ship crash lands on Gunsmoke. Back in the present, following the advice from an old friend of his, Vash jumps off a cliff and manages to get onto a lift. The lift takes Vash to a stationary Project SEEDS ship into the sky and to Vash's disapproval, Wolfwood tags along. Unbeknownst to the two men, Leonof and his condor puppets observes this all and reports it back to Legato. After hearing the report, Legato is elated by the news as he gets to fulfill another one of his master's wishes.

Inside of the ship, a man known as doctor and a young man named Brad welcome Vash and Wolfwood onto the ship. Deeper in the ship, they're met by the hesitant residents of the ship and a young woman by the name of Jessica who embraces Vash. This makes Brad rather upset and envious of Vash. The doctor and Vash then go leave to conduct business with each other leaving Wolfwood with Brad and Jessica. Wolfwood tries to act cordial between the two by introducing himself, but Jessica is apprehensive of him. Her actions according to Brad are because outsiders are believed to bring war and violence along with them. Brad also demands that Wolfwood stays put to not only not cause any trouble, but also not spread the smell of gunpowder. Back on the surface, an upset Meryl and a docile Milly follows her as they plan on pursuing Vash, but it's impossible because of the typhoon.

Making his move, Leonof successfully infiltrates the ship with his puppets. Meanwhile, as Wolfwood contemplates about the ship, he's confronted by the residents of the ship. Elsewhere in an enclosed room, Vash, the Doctor, and Brad talk about Knives and the recent events connected to him. The conversation strikes a nerve of Brad who abruptly leaves the room. With Brad out of the picture, Vash laments over some comments Brad said. The doctor, though, discloses that Brad is only upset with him because he was rejected by Jessica who said he favors Vash more than him. It's then, the doctor gives Vash a new prosthetic arm. At her kitchen, Jessica prepares a meal for her and Vash where she plans on giving him a gift during it. Unbeknownst to her one of Leonof's puppets hides in a nearby vent shaft.

Taking a walk around the ship, a frustrated Wolfwood hears people screaming along with gunfire in a locked room. Wolfwood breaks into the room and finds several dead people inside. Several residents swarm to the scene and immediately blame Wolfwood for the murders, but he claims his innocence. Brad soon arrives and after seeing the scene points his gun at Wolfwood. Vash and the doctor head to Jessica's room and find that not only she's not there. Once Vash finds the present Jessica had for Vash has the word "KILL" written in blood on it. Switching back to Brad and Wolfwood, more people are killed and a single human puppet is believed to be the cause. Wolfwood unbuckles his Cross Weapon and presumes the puppet belongs to Leonof, the puppet acting echoing Leonof's voice confirms it. Furthermore, he states Wolfwood's name, but before he could finish stating it, Wolfwood destroys the puppet and the 2 condor puppets that sequentially appear. Unfazed, Leonof using another humanoid puppet reveals that he's taken Jessica as a hostage. In an act of desperation, Brad points his gun at Wolfwood's temple hoping to save Jessica. However, Vash soon appears and destroys ones of the puppets and Wolfwood takes care of the other. With Vash at the scene, Leonof divulges that he sent three demons onto the ship.

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