Father Nebraska is the first of the Nebraska family introduced in Trigun Vol. 1. He and his son broke out of prison, where they were supposed to be serving a one hundred year sentence (seven hundred in the manga), and were hired by the city council of Voldoor to apprehend Vash. He is a gaunt, loud, ugly little man with little hair, a monocle and three teeth in his mouth. He rides in Junior’s breast pocket.

In the manga, his lower half is a giant gun, the effectiveness of which has yet to be seen. His obnoxious screams are silenced by Millie’s stun gun. In the anime, his lower half is never seen, but presumed to be normal as he instead pulls out an elongated pistol while standing, before being silence by Vash shooting him numerous times in the face with a child's plunger gun.


Father Nebraska in the manga