Height= 5'4" (162cm)


Elizabeth in her appearance in Lost July

Elizabeth is a plant technician hired to repair the plant at Inepril City. She is a beautiful woman who uses her looks to try to lure Vash The Stampede to his death in a sabotaged plant. As a former resident of July, she blames him for the death of her parents. She had intended on letting the plant to be sabotaged to get revenge on him, including hiring an assassin to distract him. When the assassin fails, she leaves him and Vash to die. However Vash is able to fix the plant and save the city of Inepril. She watched in shock as many people praised him and when Vash came to apologize for the events July, she attempted again to kill him by shooting him.

Its at that time that Vash tells her, that he honestly can't remember what happened and that all he remembered was waking to a city in ruins. Elizabeth was shocked but still wanted vengance. Before she can go on begging for revenge, she sees Vash crying. Upon that point, she realizes that Vash was the mysterious man that held her and comforted her as a child, when her parents had died. She could no longer find herself able to kill him and breaks down crying from the truth. Elizabeth only appears in the anime in the episode of Lost July. She is seen making a brief cameo appearance in Fifth Moon, showing a somewhat sadden face upon hearing Vash's possible death and the destruction he did to Augusta City and the hole he made in the Fifth Moon.

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