E.G. Mine is a Gung-Ho-Gun. He refers to himself as the second in the manga and fifth in the anime.


Spiked E.G. Mine

E.G. Mine with spikes.

Spiked E.G. Mine Manga

E.G. Mine with his spikes in the manga.

Mine is a violent man who wears a suit resembling a sphere. By pulling threads connected to the sphere with his fingers, he can fire lethal spikes at his enemies. In the manga, he appears as the second Gung-ho Gun to challenge Vash, proudly displaying the dead body of the first Gun Monev the Gale as a threat. Mine is quickly disarmed when Vash dodges Mine's spikes and shoots off the straps holding the sphere together in one swift motion.

In the anime, he is the third Gun to challenge Vash and displays the bodies of Monev the Gale and Dominique the Cyclops. He is killed by Rai-Dei the Blade after Vash the Stampede defeats him.

Note: In the manga, his 'shell' has a much larger number of spikes.

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