Demon's Eye
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July 15, 1998
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April 23, 2003
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Demon's Eye is the fifteenth episode of the Trigun anime. This episode covers Chapter 17 through Chapter 20 of the manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Carrying both Meryl and Milly on his back for wrecking their car, Vash is near exhausted from the sweltering heat. Meanwhile, at a place called Jeneora Rock a group known as the Rodrick Thieves enter a saloon in the town accompanied by some women. In the saloon, a sax player and his band play for the patrons. Soon a member of the Rodrick Thieves confronts Legato as he eats his meal for catching the eye of his girl. Therefore, Legato kills the man and the rest of the Rodrick Thieves with his manipulative powers. Once the deed is done, Legato leaves the saloon and reflects on how he'd normally allow people like the thieves to live, but may have done so because of Vash.

Finally, Vash and group read the town and after being rejuvenated after drinking some water, Vash heads to a saloon. It's there he finds the dead bodies of the Rodrick Thieves. Meanwhile, Legatos is confronted by the remaining Rodrick Thieves. Half of the number of thieves are killed by the newly introduced, Gung-Ho-Guns, by Legato's order. He then orders a woman called Dominique the Cyclops to take care of Vash, whom readily accepts. Back in the town, Vash frantically goes door to door asking the people for answers, but gets no response not even from a single woman he finds. After a brief rebuke from Meryl, Vash finds Legatos on top of the windmill rock and rushes to it.

At the top of the windmill, Vash finds a large pile of corpses and is greeted by Dominique. After a brief talk between the two, they fight and Dominique uses her ability throughout the fight making it seem as if she's teleporting around the area. Vash, however, finally manages to find out the trip to Dominique's ability and blasts off her eyepatch with his prosthetic arm gun. How Vash managed to achieve overcoming Dominique's ability was focusing his full concentration on the pain from his finger. Although perturbed, Dominique uses her eye again, but Vash makes her concede defeat. Immediately, Meryl and Milly arrive at the scene and punish Vash for harming what they see is a defenseless woman. Wasting no time, Dominique uses her ability again and flees the scene while claiming it's not the last time she's seen her. Vash in his rebuttal claims she should wear a dress the next time they meet. Once the spell wears off on Vash and the two ladies, we then see a fleeing Dominique confronted by Midvalley.

Afterward at nightfall, as Meryl demands answers from Vash, he sees Legato and Midvalley playing his sax in the distance. Not wanting Meryl and Milly to follow him any longer because he doesn't want them to lose their lives for being involved with him.

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Manga/Anime Differences[edit | edit source]

  • In the manga, Dominique commits suicide after losing the fight to Vash.
  • The town where Vash uses his Angel Arm for the first time was the same one where he fought Dominique in the manga, whereas in the anime Vash travels to another town before being forced to use it.
  • All the Gung-Ho-Guns arrive in town for Knives' resurrection while Dominique fights Vash long enough so it can happen in the manga, in the anime they all do gather in town but leave and let Dominique handle Vash on her own as Knives was still recuperating during this point in the series.
  • Vash battles one-armed against the Cyclops since he had lost his left arm during the fight with Monev the Gale.
  • Nicholas D. Wolfwood is revealed to be one of the Gung-Ho-Guns and is code-named: Chapel and is in attendance for Knives' resurrection and Vash's Angel Arm going off but isn't noticed by Vash keeping his cover intact, unlike the anime in which he is only hired by them and is absent from the Angel Arm going off in Augusta only seeing the aftermath.
  • In the Manga Vash sense his brothers return and uses that as his reasoning for abandoning Milly and Meryl in after his fight with Dominique. In the anime, Vash abandons the two after realizing the danger they are both in with Gung-Ho-Guns hunting him.
  • Milly and Meryl don't get to meet Dominique in the manga since she committed suicide after losing to Vash, whereas in the anime they do get to meet her and misinterpret Vash's actions as being perverted with Dominique running off soon after.

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