Height = 5'4" (162cm)

Cliff Schezar is the son of a Plant engineer who purchased land with copious amounts of water on it and as a result, makes a good living selling water to the town. He portrays himself at first as a kind, caring older man with a sense of humor who only wants to protect the water and his guest, Marianne. He even hires Vash as bodyguard to help. He then shows his true nature as he assaults Marianne, a Marshall that came to find proof of Cliff's monopoly of the town's water. It is revealed he only wanted to hire a bodyguard and call him Vash so the town could leave and no one would be around to witness the murder of the intruder. He is eventually defeated by Vash in his Underground Water Plant, and then arrested by Marianne.

He wields an ordinary semi-automatic pistol as a sidearm, and has 4 hidden guns inside his coat, on his suspenders.

Cliff shows himself to be clever and observant, even mentioning to an infatuated Vash that he told Marianne to keep her curtains shut as an extra precaution while likely knowing full well Marianne was the intruder. He was also able to figure out how Vash was dodging his shots, something that no other ordinary human is able to notice within the series. Cliff is also extremely determined to keep his luxurious way of life at any cost. He is eventually arrested by Marianne thanks to Vash's help.