"As mortals we have a time limit. The worst thing we can do is hesitate."
— Chapel the Evergreen

Chapel the Evergreen is an anime-only character and a member of the Gung-Ho-Guns who raised and trained Nicholas D. Wolfwood.


Chapel Punisher

Chapel's Punisher.

The anime features Chapel the Evergreen as Nicholas D. Wolfwood's direct mentor. He carries the parent version of Cross Punisher, though Chapel's splits into twin machine guns. He cares for Nicholas after Nicholas kills his abusive guardian. He dresses in dark green and has red goggles grafted to his face. After an unsuccessful attempt to kill Legato Bluesummers, as he forced Chapel to kill Nicholas and tried to avenge him, he is put into the "ravine between life and death," presumably some form of eternal torture, by Knives.

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