Chapel is a manga-only character (not to be confused with the anime-only Chapel the Evergreen) that is one of the leading members of the Eye of Michael, an organization of assassins founded by a church that worships Plants. His true name is never given, and he is only ever identified by his title Chapel or as Master C. He is the one who trained Nicholas the Punisher, Livio the Double Fang, and Razlo the Tri-Punisher of Death. Razlo noted that although Chapel rarely took apprentices, he formed near fanatical bonds of attachment with the apprentices that he did take. After a young Razlo had killed nine of the organization's finest in a rampage, Chapel was asked to take responsibility for it because he was Razlo's teacher. He pleaded for Razlo to be trained instead of executed because he knew that Razlo held an unparalleled power. To show that he valued Razlo's development over his own life, he slid his regenerative drugs across the table and shot himself. Razlo, astonished by this, realized that, until then, no one had ever needed him so desperately as Chapel did. Chapel became the first person that Razlo actually cared about.

Chapel was selected to become one of the original Gung-Ho Guns. Before the story began. he was shot and left as a paraplegic by Nicholas D. Wolfwood, who planned to enter the Gung-Ho Guns as Chapel to kill Knives, a betrayal that Chapel could never forgive. Though he is only middle aged, the modifications on his body, which grants him enhanced strength and reflexes and allows him to heal at a very fast rate, have aged him considerably more, giving him the appearance of a grandfatherly figure. Following the shot that left him paraplegic, Chapel reported that his body had reached its limit and could no longer take the organization's special regenerative drug. Though in a wheelchair, he is still a capable fighter, easily wielding the Chapel gun, a large cross-shaped machine gun with four spiked ends at the base of the cross.

Following Wolfwood's defection from the Guns, Chapel takes Livio to attack the orphanage where Wolfwood grew up, where Razlo is successful in brutally defeating Wolfwood. After overdosing on two vials of regenerative drug, Wolfwood recovers and nearly kills Chapel with an immense head butt, cracking his skull and breaking his neck. In the time it takes for him to heal, Wolfwood and Razlo fight, leaving Master C with an easy surprise attack with the alternate fire of his gun, which only misses Razlo because Wolfwood shoves him out of the way. Realizing that his master intended to kill the both of them, Razlo turns on Master C, killing him in a barrage of gunfire.

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