Caine the Longshot is a member of the Gung-Ho-Guns, who is an anime-only character. He replaces Livio the Double Fang as the final member in the anime.


Caine Gun

Caine's Gun & Caine invisible.

Caine the Longshot is a mute, talented sniper who can cloak his body and utilizes a rifle with a barrel many meters long, allowing him to snipe from many miles away. He is defeated by Vash the Stampede, which leads him to commit suicide to avoid having to deal with Millions Knives.

Caine, just before shooting himself

After the encounter, Vash buries Caine with his weapon.


Because of the size of his rifle, Caine cannot move when he is using it, although it is unknown how he can change the trajectory due to almost no mobility of the barrel. This made it easy for Vash to locate him by the angle of impact of his shots and the intervals between them.


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