"Nothing shines like hard-won fame."
— B.D. Neon

Brilliant Dynamites Neon is the leader of the Bad Lads Gang. While he is a thug, he is also an excellent tactician, charismatic leader and a man of honor. He has a strong fascination for all things glowing and flashing, which extends into a very showman-like personality. He holds skill and dedication in high regard, respecting Kaite for the effectiveness with which he disarmed the sand steamer Flourish, one of the helmsmen of the Flourish for his willingness to sacrifice himself for the ship, and Vash for his skill. He hires Kite to coordinate an attack on the Flourish. BDN quickly figures out that Vash is using Kite and the old communication tubes to fight his way through the steamer, and uses this to set up an ambush. However, Meryl and Milly step in at the last moment to defend Vash. The attack culminates in an old-fashioned duel between Vash and BDN to decide whether or not the Flourish will be saved. In the battle, one of his dynamos is destroyed, and Vash opens a previous wound with his usual acrobatics. BDN considers the fight over, likely realizing the condition he’d be in if Vash hadn’t already been wounded, and withdraws. He even goes so far as to sacrifice his own transport to stop the Flourish from going off Enora Cliff.

BDN as seen in the manga.

Trivia Edit

  • He uses phrases like "shines" and "flashy" often. When issuing orders to his men, he demands they bring him things that are bright and shiny.
  • BDN's outfit is covered with numerous lights. This extends to his pistol, which is also covered in lights and emits a high-tech sound. He even goes as far as to "smoke" a sparkler.
  • In the manga, it is hinted that he had family in July when it was destroyed, though nothing is outright stated.
  • BDN is last seen in the final chapter of volume 14, where he sees Vash on the TV.
  • In the English Dub DVD Dynamites is shown in a flashback to his last words about Vash, but in the flashback, he says something entirely different than what he did in the episode shown in the flashback.