And Between the Wasteland and Sky...
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Soshite Kouya to Sora no Aida wo
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Original Air Date
May 20, 1998
English Air Date
April 10, 2003
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And Between the Wasteland and Sky... (そして荒野と空の間を, Soshite Kouya to Sora no Aida wo) is the eighth episode of the Trigun anime.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Sandsteamer's speed continues to rise, Brilliant Dynamites Neon's men search for Vash and Kaite. The two in question hideaway in a ventilation shaft and Vash is brought informed of the bandits' plan to crash the steamer into the canyon. Vash then laments over his consistent misfortune and Kaite remembers his father and how he cared more for his work on Sandsteamers. Adamant to stop the steamer with help from Kaite, the boy shows Vash a blueprint to the steamer that impresses him. After Vash compliments the copy of the blueprint for its elaborate detail, Kaite has a flashback of his father. Becoming emotional from his sentimental memory, Vash snaps Kaite out of it and the two plan on stopping the steamer from crashing.

Meanwhile, three B.D.N. bandits search through every room on the steamer for Vash and the boy, they're ambushed by Vash. They then make it into the engine room and on the control deck a B.D.N. bandit reports to B.D.N. that Vash had bested them. The B.D.N. bandit then faints revealing the note left by Vash taped onto his back. Enthralled by this turn of events, B.D.N. sends a message to his men to capture Vash or else. Vash replies to the announcement to divert B.D.N.'s attention. Before Vash leaves the engine room, he leaves Kaite a special pen that also acts as a communication device. It's then that Vash runs into two B.D.N. bandits and takes them out only to regret it as their wounds are near-fatal. Kaite then chastises Vash for not only killing them, but tending to their wounds. The boy then notices Vash too is wounded on his abdomen area and that it's bleeding too. Vash confesses that he realizes what he's doing is ridiculous, however, he claims that if he takes a life, someone would be sad. On his way to his destination, Vash is guided by Kaite. A flashback shows Kaite continuing his disparagement against Vash for his soft-heartedness as a bit of the boy's backstory is revealed. On the other hand, Vash gives words of encouragement to Kaite's disapproval and cynical comments. Reaching his destination, Vash is confronted by B.D.N. and his bandits.

The B.D.N. bandits fire a barrage of bullets at Vash, but every shot misses him, elsewhere, Kaite is found by two B.D.N. bandits who incapacitate him. Just before B.D.N. was going to take out Vash; Meryl and Milly reveal themselves and then hold up B.D.N. and his bandits. Meryl then reveals Vash's true identity, which briefly excites B.D.N. as the Sandsteamers crashes into the side of a canyon. As the B.D.N. bandit and passengers fall to the ground, the only two men left standing are Vash and B.D.N. with their guns aimed at each other. The two agree to partake in a duel between them on the outside deck of the sandsteamer. In the end, Vash wins the duel and the passengers rejoice, however, the crew is unable to stop the steamer. While the crew panics about their imminent demise, Kaite steps up and takes responsibility for his actions by helping the crew stop the steamer. Thanks to the combined efforts from Kaite and some unlikely help from B.D.N., the steamer manages to stop in the nick of time.

Awakening in the infirmary, a shocked and bandaged up Kaite is greeted by Vash and informed about how B.D.N. helped save them. Outside of the steamer, Kaite sings a song that reminds Vash of Rem.

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